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     ARCO waterproofing systems -
     complete technical solutions for civil and           industrial engineering.

ARCO membranes represent the result of long experience in waterproofing, research, high performance technologies and efficient organization of production activity. With an annual production capacity over 20.000.000 square meters, SIKA ROMANIA is the main manufacturer in Eastern Europe of bituminous membranes with elasto-plastomers.

Fitted with last generation equipments and technical installations, the plant was designed and integrally built by renowned Italian companies, in accordance with the highest European Standards in the domain.



The fully equipped chemical laboratory and the automation of the whole production chain allow supervision and rigorous control of all production parameters, of raw materials  and end product, in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and European Community Standards.

Certifications issued by National and European Institutes grant the high quality performances and workability of the products.

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